P448 Music Unity

P448 Music Unity

P448 | Behind The Scenes

29 05 2020

This week’s playlist takes you behind-the-scenes of our Fall Winter 20/21 Collection shoot coming soon. These are the beats that keep us inspired on set. Enjoy the tunes!


22 05 2020

In honor of our P448 Milan Store reopening, this week’s playlist is dedicated to the city of Milan. Characterized by a non-conformist flair mixed with a charming and bohemian touch, the playlist is inspired by the Brera district where our store is located. P448 and Milan prove once again that they are keen to reinvent themselves. This is our tribute to this vibrant city.

M x P448 – Rap Beats

12 05 2020

Hot beats, served ice cold. These instrumentals come from a global roster of beatmakers, offering up a distinctly late-night-into-early-morning vibe that’ll have you hooked. Check out the lush, warped sound of our favorite rappers. Head nodding, foot tapping, steady rockin’ beats to keep you pushing forward - whether you’re pounding the pavement, cruising through the city - or sitting at home in the mood to turn up the heat.

M x P448 – Beach Waves, from Us to You.

01 05 2020

P448 Music Unity is back with a new compilation – the perfect representation of vast talent from American singer and surfer, Jack Johnson. Listen to the newest P448 mix shaped in an elegant and upbeat soundtrack. The playlist converges a subtle mixture of sensuality and introspection, on airy and refined beats - an ideal soundtrack to pair with a cocktail and enjoy in a garden or among family.

A x P448 – I will survive.

24 04 2020

Listening to music provides a safe kind of high. Despite being a soul of pop at his core, P448 designer Andrea is heavily influenced by different music vibes. Andrea selects the best musical hits combining a heady melody with different currents. Turn it up!

G x P448 – Pursuit of happiness...Music is the way

17 04 2020

Each memory has a soundtrack of its own. Thanks to P448 designer, Giampaolo, the genres of electronic, rock, and indie-pop music are casually and sensually combined. The result? A playlist with cool soul and hard vibes. This compilation has a rhythmic vibe that evokes all our different feelings at the moment.


J x P448 – The 50 States of Rhythm

10 04 2020

Through a timeless selection of tunes, Jacopo brings the US warmth to the P448 House while delivering an upbeat and relaxing mixtape. Sometimes the best therapy is dreaming about a long drive, happy music and good company. Jacopo brings us on that US coast to coast trip – from NYC to Los Angeles – that we always want to embrace. Turn up the volume, close your eyes and let’s travel together.

M x P448 - When I was a child

03 04 2020

Let’s begin with some things you may not know about P448 designer, Marco. Music is his time machine. One song - the lyrics, the melody, the mood – can take him back to a moment in time like nothing else can. This playlist combines his favorite throwback songs to jam to and lyrics for the soul. To step into his world, just press play.

P448 Music Unity

26 03 2020

P448 MUSIC UNITY is the first compilation of a music series curated by our P448 design team. Similar to the fusion of personalities we bring to our sneaker designs, each playlist is built around the team’s combination of unique passions & music tastes.

Check out our designers’ favorite beats, curated just for you and made to lift your spirits.

P448 Vibes

26 03 2020

Fusing music and design, P448 offers an unmatched experience. Stay tuned every Tuesday and Friday for fresh new sounds, ranging from colorful pop to underground hip hop, all in one playlist.

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Latest release

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